Rena Williams is an Author born and raised in Jacksonville Florida. Rena has had a passion for writing since the young age of 12 years old. Writing poetry and books that she archived in her laptop for many years. Rena decided to share her stories with the world by creating a Facebook page (Williams Corner of Short Stories) sharing her short stories for entertainment and public feedback. After receiving numerous feedback and multiple request. Rena decided to take her Short stories mainstream. Dedicating more time Rena Self-published her first 2 short stories (Sex & Situationships and Sex &Relationships) in Jan 2020 On Amazon.
Rena Williams has been dedicated to Writing and Producing more work from there on. 
Rena joined Monreaux Publications where she published her first full Novel. (Perfect Imperfections)
While devoting her time in her writing to make a difference for her children to be someone they could look up too. Rena devotes more of her time working as a restaurant operator at Sonic Drive-In, mothering her 6 children and being a wife of 17 years.
Although Rena loves her job as an Operator, nothing brings her more joy then using her imagination creating stories through her fictional characters. She hopes you enjoy reading her stories as much as she enjoys creating them. Happy Reading.